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Years mile this year

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Years mile this year

Beitragvon lasky1994 » 11.02.2018 05:55

Anyways, that’s about it as far as running goes. Nike Air Max 90 Womens Can’t wait to get home and get some rest!

Happy New Years and on a sad note since I’m in Hawaii, that means no special New Years mile this year for me :(. Oh well, the boys carried the tradition on at home.

I’ll try and post some pics from the trip later. Pretty sweet scenery. I’ve done a couple hikes that were pretty cool. One was pretty sweet because we started off hiking the thing as a whole family and it went down a steep dirt road for a while. Then it wandered through the Nike Cortez Damen woods until you were on a cliff. Eventually it got to a small, pretty much worthless waterfall. That’s what was the big enticement of the hike and the waterfall didn’t live up to the hype. It ended up being further than we thought too, so only me and my brother went the whole way. Then we had to haul up the trail and drive down the crappy/steep road in a Adidas Eqt Support Adv Femme minivan to pick up the rest of the family at the bottom. Got to say that was pretty sweet driving down that thing with people giving us crazy looks and probably thinking wtf. After some careful maneuvering we even turned the thing around and made it out.I’ve gotten some questions about my comment on the cross-country race that my running form/mechanicsdon’t suit that type of race. First we will go withthe simple explanation that I am a rhythm runner and atrack type runner. This means Adidas Zx Flux Donna I run best when I getinto a particular rhythm with my stride. This can’toccur on a muddy/hilly Cross country course because the course and thus my stride is always changing. Another thing that comes into factor is the ground. With mud I lose a lot of the force because I don’t getthat nice rebound effect of a hard surface (like atrack).

That should satisfy most, but I know many are lookingfor a complex/scientific explanation. Since I’m lazyand don’t feel like going into a big spiel Adidas Stan Smith Femme onmechanics (maybe later), I’ll give way to a recentarticle that I read that basically asks the questionof why certain athletes can run faster/slower compared to their track times. It’s by Renato Canova and was published in New Studies in Athletics. Here are thepertinent excerpts in regards to mechanics and CC:
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