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Pandora CEO Roger Lynch Lays Out His Two Main Priorities For

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Pandora CEO Roger Lynch Lays Out His Two Main Priorities For

Beitragvon harleyQuinn » 26.12.2017 02:42

Ty Dolla Sign and Pandora Clearance Outlet CEO Roger Lynch pose backstage at Pandora Sounds Like You: 2017 on Dec. 5, 2017 in New York City.

Standing in the large and dimly-lit winter wonderland-themed Pier 36 on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, Pandora president and CEO Roger Lynch has a huge smile on his face. In another hour or so, chart-topping acts and 2018 Grammy nominees Post Malone and SZA will take the stage for the fifth installment of Disney Pandora Charms Cheap Sounds Like You event, and Lynch has reason to be optimistic.

As 2018 nears, Lynch, who joined Cheap Pandora Charms Outlet in September of this year -- “The three companies I ran were companies I built, so I had to get up a quick learning curve," he says -- is thinking about how the digital music platform will continue to engage with its user base and also appeal to potential investors. That will be achieved, he believes, via his "two big priorities" -- improvements to Pandora Rings Rose Gold Cheap advertising technology and marketing.

"Within digital audio advertising, we are the big 800-pound gorilla," Lynch explains. "We have the most effective monetization machine for digital audio, but when you look at what advertisers expect, their expectations are driven more by what they get from Google and Facebook -- not for audio, but for display and video, which means there are investments we have to make to bridge that gap.”
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