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a coronary artery calcium

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a coronary artery calcium

Beitragvon lasky1994 » 26.12.2017 04:19

Don’t be a dope, I told myself. Get your heart checked out.

I had just passed my 65th birthday and figured I ought to get a thorough heart checkup. After all, the biggest predictor of heart disease is advancing years. Plus, both of my parents died in their Adidas Zx 700 Damenearly 50s, though not from heart disease, and my grandfather had his first heart attack in his 50s. Even more worrisome: The first “excessive endurance exercise” articles had begun to appear in medical journals. The authors weren’t just noting the exercise paradox—the fact that risk of sudden death rises during vigorous exercise even as regular exercise lowers your overall mortality risk. These docs were arguing that high-mileage running could permanently damage the heart. As a runner for 50-plus years, I’ve completed 75 marathons and 110,000 lifetime miles.I found Adidas Zx 750 Mujer an excellent sports cardiologist, Matthew Martinez, M.D.; he took a lengthy history and ordered three tests: an EKG, an echocardiogram, and a coronary artery calcium (CAC) scan. I aced the first two, and expected the same from the third.

I won’t soon forget the morning Martinez gave me my CAC results in the form of a shiny, black medical image. It looked like an X-ray. “I think we found something here,” he said. I felt my pulse jump, and noticed an instant dampness across my forehead. It’s amazing how fast the body can react. “See the white spots around your heart?”Nike Air Force 1 Femme he continued. “That’s calcium in your arteries. You have a score of 946, which is worse than 90 percent of men your age.”

Sure, I could see some white spots. But what the hell did they mean? Martinez explained: The calcium in my heart arteries was basically cholesterol Nike Air Force 1 Womens plaque turned solid.

Most of us have been measured for “blood cholesterol,” which consists of little bundles of fat floating around in our blood. “Cholesterol plaque” is in our arteries, and consists of cholesterol and other stuff that sticks to artery walls.

My sky-high calcium score meant I had atherosclerosis, or coronary artery disease, exactly as predicted by some of the alarming papers. If I also had softer cholesterol plaques lining my arteries (which can be determined only through invasive measures), such plaques could rupture at any time and cause a www.celadia.es heart attack.
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